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Earth Day x Trees 4 Travel

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Trees 4 Travel Partnership

On Monday 22nd – Earth Day - we proudly announced our new partnership with Trees4Travel. Our collaboration marks a significant step in our sustainability strategy as we strive toward reducing out carbon footprint.

“We believe we have a duty of care to not just talk about the climate but to take tangible action to help protect our future” said Rick Purcell, our MD, echoing our leadership team’s commitment to environment stewardship.

As we strive to set new benchmarks in the recruitment industry, our collaboration will enable us to adopt and implement sustainable practices across our organisation. We are committed to transforming our operational strategies to prioritise environmental responsibility, particularly in areas such as global travel and event management. Our efforts will be directed towards meticulously calculating our carbon emissions, actively seeking opportunities to reduce them wherever feasible, and subsequently mitigating the residual environmental impact.

To ensure we remain accountable, we will provide regular updates on our sustainability initiatives, maintaining a high level of transparency. This approach will not only allow us to track our own advancements but demonstrate our ongoing dedication to making a significant climate contribution.

Our Sustainability Commitments

Client Meeting Travel – we will compensate the carbon emissions generated from each flight for client meeting whilst also contributing to a mangrove reforestation project in Mozambique.

Relocation Travel – emissions from international travel required for the relocation of our successful placements will also be compensated through Trees4Travel hybrid program.

Event Travel – we will plant enough trees and invest into renewable energy projects to compensate carbon emissions generated by colleagues, delegates and attendees for network and keynote speak events.

Client Appreciation – each new client we sign will receive the gift of a tree, furthering our commitment to environment restoration and striving toward reducing our carbon footprint.

Our partnership with Trees4Travel enables us to not only compensate emissions but also to contribute to global reforestation efforts. These initiatives are crucial as they help restore vital ecosystems, enhance biodiversity, and support local communities.

Additionally, every tree planted through our efforts receives further support from a United Nations renewable energy project. This collaboration amplifies our impact significantly, helping us to achieve greater emission reductions. ​